Clark Trucking INC - Horrible drivers

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I was traveling home from work in Mt. Vernon and a semi truck was behind me.

He was tailgating me some times so close I couldn't even see the headlights of his truck. I tried tapping my bake lights several times to get him to back down some but he continued to ride right on me and kept driving over the center line to intimidate me even though there was on coming traffic. I was going the speed limit, it wasn't my fault the guy was behind on a delivery or whatever, I am not required to speed. Once I got to a road that was out of my way to go home but would work I put on my turn signal and started to slow down , the semi had to go off the road to the right to avoid hitting me because he was so close.

I saw him going off the road and due to oncoming traffic couldn't turn so I accelerated to avoid being hit but the driver continued to try and pass me on the right. Because this guy was such a bad driver and obviously had some road rage issues I took off out of there and was doing about 70 to try and get to where I could turn to go home. The semi came flying up on me and I managed to pass a car to put some distance between us. I turned off to the right, and decided to follow to get to information on the back of his trailer.

It said clark trucking Inc and the number on the trailer was 5336376 PL and the license plate was 1416791.

The driver then stopped his truck in front of me, got out and tried to get me to get out of my vehicle. This happened February 11, 2013 between 5:15 and 6:00 PM.



Hey you have problems with a truck any truck, don't try to fix it yourself. Get their company name, truck number if you can and the license number then get a hold your states DOT office.

For they will then get after the driver and the company. Believe me the company doesn't want the DOT coming to their office. Truck drivers have to obey the laws just like the four wheelers do.

So report them if they aren't. Not all truckers are bad.

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